Where you one of the people that couldn't watch anymore and walked away, turned off the tv, or started doing something else so that you didn't have to see the Minnesota Vikings blow another playoff game? What is your Minnesota Miracle story?

True story, I was texting my friend at the end of the Saints/Vikings game. I was screaming at the tv (something I used to laugh at my Dad for doing) and when the New Orleans Saints kicked the go-ahead field goal with 35 seconds left, I gave up. I am not a bandwagon fan, I like a lot of teams, but I gave up watching. I couldn't watch Minnesota take it on the behind again in the playoffs.

I had to pick up some milk and came in to work to print up prep for my Monday shift. I had texted him "I Give Up, I can't watch anymore". Then a little while later I get a text back that reads, "Sometimes there are miracles, Mr. Allen". I called him up and asked him what he meant, he said, "You mean you didn't see it?", he told me to get on a computer or find a tv.

I couldn't believe it! It was like the USA vs USSR hockey game again. I watched it 4 times and still didn't believe it, I opened up my ESPN app and my NFL app just to check the score.

When I got home, I recorded all the SportsCenter, Fox sports, and sports talk shows I could. It didn't sink in until I came in to work the next day. Then it was everywhere.


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