At the end of the NFC Divisional matchup between the Vikings and Saints, rumors started to circle online that New Orleans head coach Sean Payton spent a little time mocking fans with his own Skol Chant on the sidelines.

Sideline reporter Ben Leber intimated in an interview on Twin Cities radio station KFAN that Payton was mocking fans from the sidelines after his team mounted a comeback and claimed a lead after a field goal. The Daily Norseman called out on Twitter, sparking a conversation online. Leber said in the interview that he did not see this firsthand, but he was told by someone about Payton's alleged actions. This apparently occurred with roughly 20 seconds left in the game, according to Leber.

Responses to The Daily Norseman and to another tweet by AJ Mansour have fans confirming the visual and other interactions with the fans.

While we don't have any video evidence yet, someone found some photos of what appears to be Payton Skol Chanting away. They stitched the photos into a GIF, which you can see in the tweet below. You could make the argument he is trying to wave his hands in the air to get someone's attention, but it feels better to say he was Skol Chanting. Good for you, Sean. Good for you.


Coach Payton confirmed (via ESPN reporter Mike Triplett) that he was indeed doing the Skol Chant, saying "it was good playoff fun". Ok, Sean. I'm sure you were having fun 15 seconds later. ;)

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