NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Not again? Ok, I thought Brett Favre shouldn't have come back last year, and he did. Just think, if he had quit, he would have left with the best year of his career, almost making it to the Super Bowl, no scandal, and legend intact. Instead, we have sexting scandal, streak ends, and we may have learned what a jerk Brett is.

Some good came out of him coming back. We learned that Joe Webb is actually a really good quarter back and a hidden threat at any position, we learned that if the Vikings want to suck they really can (not that they have NEVER sucked), we wouldn't have an excellent new coaching staff, and we wouldn't have had the new VIKING DOME.....oh wait, that hasn't happened yet.

Who would take Brett Favre if he came back?

Looking around the league.....Detroit! Well, maybe? They brought back Dante Culpepper and he had no stats at all.....I think he was working with Elvis at Burger King. Ok, who else? Cincinnati, Carson Palmer wants out and they sucked last year so the Bengals could let Carson go, get Favre with Chad Ochocinco and then eye up a new quarter back. Arizona, They didn't have a quarterback last year and still managed to win 4 games, plus Larry Fitzgerald plays there and would be like his Sydney Rice go to guy. Or he could play for Oakland....then we would forget about him and he could go away quietly. Don't believe me? Who were the last quarterbacks to play for Oakland after Rich Gannon....? I thought so!!

Assuming the impending lockout is resolved, former Cowboys vice president of player personnel Gil Brandt said that he wouldn't rule out the 20-year veteran eyeing another NFL comeback.

"I do think Favre would be interested in talking to a team about returning," Brandt told NFL.com during his weekly chat. "But I don't see a team out there right now that would bring him back as a starter."

Favre struggled mightily over the course of the 2010-11 season, posting just a 69.9 QB rating in his second year with Minnesota. He also saw his consecutive games streak end at 297.

Brandt added that he didn't expect Minnesota, which used its first-round pick on Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder, to be one of the teams interested in bringing Favre back.

Later on Wednesday, Favre's friend and former teammate, kicker Ryan Longwell, said that Favre isn't going to come back, adding that Favre is looking forward to not having to deal with answering the retirement questions this fall.

via Brett Favre May Return to NFL, Says Former Cowboys Executive Gil Brandt - NFL - NESN.com.

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