Breanne Marie and the Front Porch Sinners are embarking on a new project and costs are high for album. Breanne has enlisted the musicians for her past albums but have solidified as a band and are ready to take that sound to a whole new level. They need the help of their fans to complete this new vision.

They are using March to raise the money, April to record and mix, then plan on a Summer release. They are making a cd and releasing Vinyl as well. Which has become the norm as of late.

Some of the incentives include music lessons, a song just for you, among other things that are unique for a Kickstarter project. The best part is Breanne and the band keep it local and use friends and people that are from the area to complete projects. Including the photos that were shot by Katlyn Kretzschmar Photography.

Here's Breanne's video:

According to their Kickstarter page, here are the track listings and comments:

Part I "Wildflowers"

1. Anya's Song - this is a sweet lullaby song I wrote for Anya when she was just a few days old. It was so hard to put her down after she fell asleep in my arms.

2. Rocking Horse - this is a song written for my teenager Alyssa when she was struggling with being too old to be a kid but too young to move out.

3. Carousel - this is a friendship song inspired by my daughter Ava and my own friendships from my early days of sleepovers and friendship necklaces.

4. Paper Dolls - this song is for all those ladies who go out to shows and dance for those cute musicians. I call them paper dolls ...and I used to be one.

5. City Girl Country Heart - this song was written for my cousin Katlyn who moved from a small farm town to the big ol' city of Duluth, MN.

Part II "Tumbleweeds"

6. Would You? - this is a nice relaxing tune questioning just how much one loves another measured by small acts of kindness like coming to a show or bringing gas when a vehicle is stranded.

7. Change of Heart - this is my divorce song. It's not an angry tune but instead an explanation and understanding of what needed to be.

8. I Do - this is about as lovey dovey as it gets! Evan and I wrote this together for our first dance at our wedding. We're so happy to be able to record it with the full band.

9. Old Man & Maggie - this is a story of an old man who finds an unusual love to make life worth living long after the love of his life passes.

10. Wildflowers & Tumbleweeds - this title track was a few years in the making. Inspired by a road trip from Dallas, TX across the Oklahoma border with my love, my home sweet home.

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