Breanne Marie has recorded her music. So far she has shared dark feelings about love ending, losing loved ones and what the grief has meant in her life. Things are different now. She has a band, a husband, another child, and a fresh outlook on life and love. Now in the last hours of her Kickstarter project, she needs help.

She has totally unique rewards for the project. First of all, her official photographer Katlyn Kretzschmar has offered up services as part of the rewards. She has a whole new sound. On her previous albums, she counted on her emotions to write the music and then recorded it with friends and people she knew. Now, everything is crafted by the band, each person has something to say and helps shape the sound.

This project she is offering vinyl for sale, something almost not even heard of anymore. A person can even be the executive producer if they want to.

Here's Breanne talking about the process and how you can help back local music.

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