So you put your time in finding the perfect pumpkin, you carve your master piece and now how do you keep it looking good for the Halloween season.

I do enjoy carving pumpkins, fun times with the family and creating great pumpkins and memories. But when your hard work gets covered with mold it's scary in the wrong way!

Here are some ideas I found.

First and foremost you must get the pumpkin pulp all out so you have that smooth inside of the pumpkin ready for your carving and preserving. We look at the five best web methods of preservation.

All methods are to keep them hydrated and keep the mold away:

1: Soak in Bleach – Soak for 8 hours in the bleach and spray daily with solution.

2: White Glue – coat the insides and the glues intended to seal the pumpkin.

3: Vaseline – coat the inside

4: Acrylic Spray – seal with intent to prevent dehydration

5: Pumpkin Fresh – this is a commercial spray “fungicidal solution”

Or  forget all of these ideas and do it my way, just setting it on the porch.

Here is the solution mixes for each method and how to.

Have a idea yourself post it in the comments.

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