A group of people were at a campground along the Flambeau River in Northern Wisconsin last weekend sitting at a picnic table when a strong wind picked up and knocked over a tree landing on two of the three people sitting at the table. A group of fishermen in the area rushed to their aid but two of the people were declared dead at the scene by rescue personnel.

According to the Star Tribune (Paywall), the couple that was killed were Sandy Michael Langseth II, 39, and April Sheldahl, 45, of White Bear Township, Apparently, the wind picked up just before the fisherman heard the tree fall.

A friend of the couple, Alex Geving told the Star Tribune (Paywall) that " Langseth and Sheldahl had been together for 12 years and were best friends to me. We shared daily Snapchats of our life. We took multiple camping and other trips together."

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A Gofundme page has been set up for Memorial expenses for the couple and for their children. The last few weeks have brought some major storms across Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. The North Shore of Minnesota has been dealing with major flooding at campgrounds and resorts with sandbagging taking place around the clock.

FOX9 reported back in mid-May that hazardous conditions on the North Shore of Minnesota prompted the closing of multiple roads, trails, and campgrounds. Of course, what happened to that poor couple in Northern Wisconsin was all part of a freak blast of high winds with no warning. But, if you are planning on a camping trip it is always advised that you check weather conditions and also conditions at the campground before you leave. In Minnesota, you can get information from the Department of Natural Resources website.

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