For people who love to decorate for the holidays, some people love to take it to the next level for all to enjoy. A  couple who used to call Los Angeles home and were in the entertainment industry have brought a little bit of Hollywood magic to their home in Southwest Minneapolis.

For the past 4 years, Brian Carr and his wife have set up spectacular Halloween decorations using dozens of skeletons and other props. In the past, their themes included a high school dance and a college party. This year the theme is a comedy club called "Numskullz."

The details of this display are something to really admire like the security guard checking I.D's, bartenders, comedians on the stage, and of course the audience members having a cold beer. Carr has admitted that of course, he loves to do the display for his neighbors but truly loves doing this every year for himself where he gets to play with dolls in his front yard.

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Viva Carr said to FOX9 "Everybody else kind of takes care of the scary. We have the funny. That's kind of what we're known for!" They put the display up around a week ago using 29 skeletons in all, and thankfully people have been respectful and left the display alone. They plan on taking it down on Halloween.

If you happen to be in the Twin Cities and want to see this massive display for yourself their address is in the 4100 block of Chowen Avenue South, which actually is near my old neighborhood. This display makes me so happy because I love that there are people out there who take so much time and care into celebrating one of my favorite seasons.

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