A woman died from her injuries on Friday night in St. Paul after becoming pinned under her SUV in front of her own home. Apparently, the woman was standing behind her vehicle when it rolled backward pinning her underneath as it stopped in a snowbank. She has been identified as 45-year-old Lela M. Wright of St. Paul.

The St. Paul Police Department responded to the call where the woman was trapped under her vehicle around 8 pm. A neighbor had noticed that the vehicle was in the street up against a snowbank, being concerned she called the woman's husband who was home at the time.

The husband and his neighbor rushed to help the woman and attempted to lift up the car off of her using a car jack. The first responders on the scene were Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher and his colleague Pat Scott who happened to be streaming live as part of their "Live On Patrol" segment for the Sheriff's office.

In the video which is not available to the public, Fletcher and Scott can be seen running to the vehicle and with the help of her husband and bystanders, they were able to free Wright from underneath the vehicle where they began CPR. The neighbors grabbed blankets to try and keep Wright warm in the frigid conditions. After being loaded into the ambulance, Wright was pronounced dead at the scene.

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According to Bring Me The News Fletcher said " At some point, the woman was run over. How that happened, nobody knows at this point. It was terrible, tragic ... it's hard to describe it because you don't know exactly what happened yet."

What a sad situation for this family and something for all of us to think about when you have your car running especially in the winter as you may be clearing snow off your car. A situation like this goes to show that freak accidents like this can happen at any time.

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