Ever wonder why people in the Midwest are hearty people? People that live where it's cold and unforgiving have shortcuts to life, some I was surprised by.

Drink More Coffee, Nap Better

People in our area drink a lot of coffee, some drink only coffee. Yet I always remember my Grandpa and Grandma being able to take naps all the time. My Grandma told me she has to drink coffee to get a good nap. I thought that was because when the caffeine let loose you crash, not the case.

It's true, according to pharmeasy the Japanese did a study in which people consumed coffee and then were told to take a 20 min nap. Those people reported waking up more alert. The reason is, the more caffeine you consume the more it creates adenosine in the brain, the more adenosine, the more you want to nap when you nap you level off that chemical and you feel alert.

Lose Weight By Drinking More Water

I had a trainer in a gym in Duluth tell me that if I wanted to lose weight drink more water. I always thought it was because it would fill you up and then you wouldn't eat, but what happens when you are hungry again? Drink more water?

Yes, Medium says if you drink two liters of water a day for 36 days, you will lose a pound of fat. To illustrate this point further, you would have to run just short of a marathon at full speed in order to shed that much weight, who can do that? I'll drink water.

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Be Smarter By Keeping A Journal

This one was brought to my attention by someone I was dating. She journaled every day and swore that it helped her to keep her brain alert and prevent Dementia. I didn't believe her, so she showed me the proof. It also said doing crosswords and sudoku helped your brain too.

Pharmeasy says it is the same reason we learn faster by taking notes, you engage your brain. It's a muscle! That's what my Grandpa used to say, if we use it all the time it gets stronger. The website says we should journal all the time, it helps us to sort out problems and to see how we handled something before or we may have a thought that is good advice.

Exercise When You Are Tired

My coach used to tell me this in high school. The thinking behind it is that when you are tired, your muscles have to work harder, and then you lose more weight and your muscles become stronger. Sounds hokey.

It is actually part true, there are all kinds of benefits to exercise when you are tired. You can lose weight faster, it moves the blood and energizes you. Ever wonder why you wake up when you get up from your desk and take a stroll? That is why more oxygen to the system and more blood flow. Pharmeasy also says you sleep better, enjoy sex more, and are happier.

Lower Your Fever With Your Armpits

My Grandma wouldn't put a cold cloth on my forehead, she would put a cold cloth under my arms. I don't know if it actually lowers your temperature but it makes you feel cooler. This one I thought was just a way to feel more comfortable.I've heard people tell me to get into ice water in a tub. That seems like it would shock my body.

Healthfully says if you have a temperature, it is healthy to ice your armpits and groin. These are two areas of the body that sweat more, and when your body sweats it cools down. When you have a fever, your sweat glands can't cool you. So, you need to apply ice to those areas and your body will cool. I'm still not sure about taking an ice bath.

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