Where is the best burger in the state of Minnesota or Wisconsin? That is the question that Thrillist asked, and then presented the findings.

In Minnesota, some places come to mind in the area, and there's the Jucy Lucy at Matt's that was featured on the food channel and the travel channel, or Victory 44’s “Perfect Burger” but it couldn't hold up against Parlour in Minneapolis. Their Offering called "Burger" turns out to be just that. Three types of meat (ground sirloin, ribeye, brisket) and American cheese. Plus a crispy bun and pickles on the side. That's it, a burger.

In Wisconsin, I think that most people would say a certain bar that begins with an A would have the best, but it does not. The best burger in the state can be found in Milwaukee at Solly’s Grille. It's their version of the butter burger called the "Original Solly Burger", not much of a description, just a burger.

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