Is it just me or has this summer had more road construction going on than normal? I tell you what at the risk of sounding like some horrible complainer it literally seemed like I was running into a road closed and detour signs everywhere I went this summer and fall.

I get it, these poor workers only have a super short window to get this stuff finished, but between the freeway which is still not done, but I understand it is a huge project, Then 21st Avenue East being closed down since June, then Arrowhead Road and Woodland Avenue a total mess, I have had to find lots of different ways to get around.

I think that people have become so immune to cones and road-closed signs that they don't pay attention anymore they just follow the car in front of them. Case and point, last week I was turning left onto Woodland Avenue from Arrowhead Road when 3 cars in front of me also turning left turned into the lane going the wrong way. Fortunately, there were not any cars coming in that direction, but as I turned I looked over at all 3 cars that were stuck on the wrong side of the road facing cars coming at them. All 3 cars had to jump a median to get into the proper lane.

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But for residents on the east side of town, myself included 21st Avenue East is the main road that hundreds maybe thousands of cars drive up and down each day. With winter coming thank goodness it will be open because some of those side streets are awfully narrow especially when you have cars parked on both sides of the street.

According to Northern News Now " Crews have been working on fixing up the road and utilities underneath. City spokespeople did not have an exact time Friday that the road is expected to reopen." That is ok because when it is open we can all be thankful as we tool up and down the hill.

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