The Duluth Offices of Parks and Recreation announced that the Keene Creek Dog Park is partially reopened for use. The dog park is approximately .78 acres. that is fully fenced with double gated entry. Their is a separate small dog area for dogs under 20 pounds with gravel and grass surfaces.

A large portion of this particular dog park still remains closed to allow newly seeded turf areas to establish and stabilize. But, the portion of the park for small dogs is fully opened.  All of the dog parks are maintained through volunteers and the web site and Facebook pages are managed by volunteers as well. For people that do not have a fenced in yard, these dog parks are crucial for owners to be able to let their dogs exercise and socialize.

The city of Duluth has 4 dog parks total and one dog park in Superior. The city of Duluth Dog Parks have a long list of rules and also some etiquette pointers which are very important. Please make sure that you know your dog well enough before you bring him or her to the park. Some dogs to not do well in an area with other dogs and your dog is solely your responsibility. Almost all of the people that go to the dog parks are very respectful and make sure that everyone stays safe, dogs and humans alike.

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Being someone who has 2 small dogs both well under 20 pounds the few times I have gone to the dog park I am grateful that they have a separate small dog area since some bigger dogs can be very aggressive towards smaller dogs who honestly can sometimes be annoying to bigger breeds. For more information and resources go to the Duluth Dog Park website.

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