March 1 is the effective date for the 2020 fishing regulations in the State of Minnesota; general licenses bought now are effective until February 28, 2021.  If you were holding a 2019 fishing license, that became invalid as of February 29, 2020.

This is also the switch-over time period for the newest fishing regulations in the state.  There are a variety of updates for 2020 so anglers are advised to read through the booklet that's provided to you when you purchase your fishing license carefully. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources also provided an online version that makes it easy and accessible to everyone.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website also provides a detailed description of where fishing licenses are available for sale - including an online option.

While there are a variety of staggered opening dates for the wide variety of fish that are found in Minnesota's abundant lakes, the three generally-accepted fishing season openers as as follows for 2020:

  • 4/28/2020:  Trout season opener
  • 5/9/20:  Walleye, sauger, and northern pike opener
  • 6/6/20:  Muskellunge opener
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