Bring 5 or more friends and get tickets for $5 each and enjoy top-notch improv at the Fitgers Spirit of the North Theater.

Maritime Improv Crew calls it March Madness. It doesn't involve having to know who is on top of the polls for basketball or what kind of game they bring to the brackets.

Maritime Improv Crew does something a little different. First of all you can bring only some of the family because their acts are PG-13 unless you want to do some splaining!! The other thing is, they don't just do stuff about lakes and boats, even though Maritime is in their name.

They perform at the Fitger's Spirit of the North Theater on the third floor of the complex. Show up with some ideas you think might be funny, or that you think might challenge them. Then see where they go with it. That's right, it's all done with suggestions from the audience, they come up with a long for improv (that's why they call themselves the Maritime Improv Crew). Just watch and see what happens live and in-person

A cash bar and snacks will be available for purchase.

Tickets $10 for all available at the door, or Bring 5 or more friends and get tickets for $5 each. That's what they call March Madness!!!

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