You've heard the myth about Minnesota Nice haven't you?  You know what I'm talking about;  folks who live in the Northland are kind, good-hearted, and never complain about anything.  Well I can't argue with some elements of that but I will tell you that people in Duluth love to complain!

I recently asked some of my coworkers about what people from Duluth need to stop complaining about.  Their responses tend to mirror the results of a non-scientific survey that I performed recently.

What follows is a listing of what people in Duluth need to stop complaining about - listed in no particular order.

  • The Weather

  • Having To Pay For Parking / Lack Of Parking

  • Road Construction / Street Conditions

  • Minnesota Vikings / Minnesota Twins

  • Tourists

  • Mosquitos

  • Traffic

  • The Lack Of New Businesses / Jobs

  • Elected Officials

  • The Lack Of Entertainment / Fun Things / Nightlife