When nice weather rolls around, it seems like everyone wants to wash off that dirt and grime that Mother Nature inflicts upon our vehicles during the winter months.  The need for a car wash is especially important in the Northland - where road salt and sand can wreak havoc with the exterior finish of our vehicles if it's left on for any length of time.

So - you know you want to wash your vehicle.  But what's the best place to do it?  Home might be the obvious answer.  But what if you don't want to drag out the hose and the wash bucket?

The following is a list of the Best Car Washes in the Twin Ports area. Researching this list, we discovered that there are almost 50 businesses in the Twin Ports that claim car washes as part of their service. However, some of these places seem to offer car washes as an alternative sideline (I.E. - auto body shops that will wash your car before they return it to you, etc).

We decided to eliminate these sorts of places and focus on the stereotypical car wash - the sort of place you would typically turn to for a good washing.  Here are the results - with some of the most popular car washes from both sides of the bridge.

The Best Car Washes In The Duluth Superior Area

A list of the best car washes in the Duluth-Superior area including pertinent details regarding their location, websites, social media, and other services provided on site.

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