We are just days away from a very busy holiday weekend. There are a ton of events going on in Duluth, with a majority happening at Bayfront Festival Park for the long fourth of July weekend.

Bayfront Country Jam kicks off a weekend of fun with country star Jake Owen headlining a country show on Friday, July 1st. Hermantown native Rafe Carlson and newcomer Tyler Rich will be opening the show before Jake takes the stage.

As with tradition, Hairball will also be returning for the holiday weekend. This year, Hairball will be taking the stage on Sunday, July 3rd. The cover band always brings in a massive crowd!

There is also the annual fireworks show, which is the biggest part of Bayfront Festival Park's annual Fourth Fest. As always, there will be music and a big fireworks show, along with big local celebrities. See? It is a very busy weekend at Bayfront Festival Park.

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With this being said, you will definitely want to make a plan ahead of time of where you will be parking and if you will be carpooling because it gets very busy in Canal Park and the surrounding areas.

The DECC shared these tips on their Facebook page Wednesday (June 29th) ahead of the big holiday weekend. The number one tip they gave may seem obvious but it is the number one thing you can do to cut down on stress this weekend: leave early! DECC officials suggest arriving about forty-five minutes before your event.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before your event to get down to the area and find parking so you aren't rushed or frazzled. Give yourself way more time than you may need to get to your event on time. You can park on the street in Canal Park or at the DECC for the easiest experience. The rate to park at the DECC is ten bucks a day.

DECC officials also say that the parking lot doesn't always fill up. There is usually room on the very top level which means if you arrive to park there and think they are out of parking, think again! Drive to the top level and give your car some breathing space. You can also park at Bayfront but there are a limited number of spaces available.

For another parking option, you can park in one of the many parking garages located in downtown Duluth. Please note that the Skywalk, which takes you to the DECC and Bayfront Festival Park, will be open for one hour following big events. Plan accordingly.

Last but not least, DECC officials say to keep driving up the hill before turning east or west. According to their statement, the higher up the hill that you drive before turning, the easier time you will have getting home. Turning too early could result in a long drive home.

While these tips may seem obvious, they are a good refresher ahead of a busy holiday weekend. Take the stress out of the weekend and give yourself a ton of extra time. The good news is there is a ton to do around Bayfront Festival Park so even if you get to the destination super early, there will be something to do and entertain you.

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