Non-natives to the Northland would probably write off Duluth as a prime location for outdoor spots to eat due to the long-lasting winter that Mother Natures throws our way each year.  However, those in-the-know realize better;  when summer comes to the Twin Ports, we really have a nice couple of months in which to enjoy warm, non-humid alfresco conditions.  Throw in the view of the worlds largest freshwater lake and you're in business.

But which restaurants should you go to in order to maximize the outdoor dining experience in Duluth?

We recently set out on a mission to capture the alfresco experience.  Our research actually turned up more restaurants than first imagined.  To better focus our results, we threw out the places that seemed to add outdoor seating as an after thought.  In other words, this list shines the spotlight on those establishments that feature carefully-crafted outdoor dining areas as part of their image.  Our results are presented in no particular order.


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    Sir Benedicts Tavern on the Lake

    Frequent winner of local surveys for "best outdoor seating", Sir Ben's (as the locals know it) proudly features an eccentric menu of English pub-style favorites along with live entertainment of some sort most nights.

    Sure - you can sit inside at Sir Ben's, but their outdoor courtyard is front-and-center and offers a spectacular view of Lake Superior that you can almost touch.  That's because the tables and chairs are just a few feet away from the shoreline.

    Location:  805 E Superior Street.

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    Little Angie's Cantina & Grill

    If you were to mathematically pinpoint the center of what's happening in Duluth, Canal Park would reside at the bulls eye.  A popular spot for tourists and locals, Canal Park offers a wide variety of shops and establishments that serve food and drink.

    Right in the heart of Canal Park is Little Angie's Cantina - a popular restaurant that offers southwestern-style cuisine.  From steaks and fajitas to salads and burgers, Little Angie's has excellent options to try.

    Perhaps what really sets Little Angie's apart from a lot of its competitors is its outdoor dining options.  The exterior sides of the building feature a wrap-around deck that can comfortably handle a crowd.

    Little Angie's Cantina & Grill is located at 11 East Buchanan Street.

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    Va Bene Caffe - Berarducci's Italian Restaurant

    Authentic bistro-style Italian food forms the menu at Va Bene.  Located just above the Lakewalk off of Superior Street, the restaurant is popular for their old-world recipes which are prepared with a contemporary twist.

    There are three "outdoor" dining options at Va Bene.  Off the main dining room is an indoor solarium that allows for an "almost-outdoor" setting all year long and off a lower level (which is actually at the ground level on the lake side) there is a truly-outdoor grotto.  They also feature a couple of tables just outside of the front door on Superior Street.

    Va Bene Caffe is located at 734 E Superior Street.

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    Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe

    Another popular Canal Park choice is what locals simply call "the Amazing Grace".  From-scratch baked goods are prominently featured on the bill of fare, but you'll also find an extensive menu filled with favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    The outdoor seating at Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe provides a front-row seat to all that happens in Canal Park.

    The Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe is located at 394 S Lake Avenue - in the Dewitt-Seitz Marketplace.

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    At Sara's Table

    With an emphasis on a "farm-to-fork" menu, At Sara's Table provides cutting-edge cuisine with the freshest-available ingredients in a quaint setting.

    The seating area that At Sara's Table provides is generous and provides a unique view of Lake Superior.  Out-of-towners might question whether or not the big lake is visible from its location, but trust us - At Sara's Table offers a wonderful view to look at.

    At Sara's Table is located at 1902 E 8th Street.


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    Tavern on the Hill

    A relative newcomer to the Duluth dining scene, Tavern on the Hill offers what they bill as "Duluth's Largest Patio" - and, it just might be.

    The food at Tavern on the Hill is sourced locally and offers creative takes on all-time favorites.  They also take pride in an imaginative cocktail menu.

    Tavern on the Hill is located at 1102 Woodland Avenue.

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    Grandma's Saloon & Grill

    This listing actually encompasses two different locations that fall under the Grandma's umbrella.

    Grandma's Saloon and Grill has outdoor seating at both of their locations in Duluth;  the Canal Park location offers the sights and sounds of the heart of the Twin Ports tourist destination but the Miller Hill location also has its own draws.  Either gives you chances to enjoy Grandma's famous menu of pasta, sandwiches, and burgers.

    Grandma's Saloon & Grill - Canal Park is located at 522 South Lake Avenue and the Miller Hill location is located ta 2202 Maple Grove Road.