City Of Duluth To Add New Mobile Payment To Parking
I have had to pay to park at one of those posts and sometimes it's hard to find where to pay, and do you bring quarters or can you pay with a card. I'm glad to hear the City of Duluth. I spend 15 minutes on the phone one day because the sign said to download the app, and I couldn't get it to show Duluth.
Supporting Wounded Warriors
Handicapped parking signs allow people who need it, a closer parking spot to a store or business. When I heard that Vets who have problems but don't qualify for a handicapped sticker or license plate, I was a little angry. Then I heard Wounded Warriors created a purple sign that you could put in place of your handicapped sign to allow a space for a Vet.
Parking Impaired
Parking is a big deal in many areas in the Northland! People taking liberties without the thought of others. Well now you have a place to vent and post!

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