When you are on a flight going on a trip, the crew on the plane always ask you to shut off your devices before take off, once you are back in the air you may turn them back on. So, what happens when you leave them on. I secretly left on my pad and ipod and tempted fate the lives of everyone on the plane.

It wasn't really that dramatic, and neither is the answer. The real answer is....to prevent the little things from becoming deadly high-speed projectiles during take off and landing should it get rough. Mostly to protect themselves from litigation. The insurance company has said to err on the side of safety than to have one actually hit someone.

Do cell phone interfere with signals? Nope! According to a new book out and answers across the internet, if it interfered with anything on the plane, they would collect them. Most pilots say 40% of people on a plane probably leave their phone on and don't know they have.The Airlines want to be safe, so part of it is to protect the passengers again.

I would rather look at someone's new phone than get wacked in the face with it.

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