Even though people are smoking less, a new report shows that poor people are smoking more than ever. A logical question is "if they are poor, where do they get money to smoke?" The answer is alarming. According to an article in CNN, cigarette manufacturers have lowered the price of smokes in poorer neighborhoods, and increased the use of billboards and cigarette brands in lower income neighborhoods.

That is not to say that well to do  people do not smoke, far from it. The study simply shows that people in poor communities smoke much more. Aside of the fact tobacco companies sell smokes for less, there are other reasons as well. Lack of money to pay the bills, buy food, necessary housing, etc. are also a major cause. The single mother is another cause. She is working, so she needs to pay for day care (which probably takes a huge bite out of her paycheck,) coupled with the everyday problems all moms cope with when raising a child.

In short, I believe it's stress. Not having enough money, with little hope for change in the future. It's my belief that cigarette smoking will not completely cease for another generation, maybe two. And that's a sad situation.