Have you ever wondered what's really in the food the average person eats? An article in fitsugar.com, shows us a reality check, take a look at these figures, excerpted from David Zinczenko's new book, Eat It to Beat It!

Fat Chance
58: Grams of fat in the average restaurant meal, which is 89 percent of what you should eat in an entire day.

Restaurant Reality Check
1,128: Calories contained in a typical restaurant meal— averaged across breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That's 56 percent of the recommended daily calorie intake for women.

Carbonated Catastrophe
47.2 percent: Increased risk of being overweight associated with drinking more than two cans of soda per day.

Sodium Shocker
95: The percent of the recommended daily sodium allowance found in an average restaurant meal. That's 2,269 milligrams, while researchers consider a "healthy" meal to contain 600 or less—a standard that is met by only 1 percent of all chain restaurants.

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