Lance Armstrong admitted to the public in his own way, that he had cheated and did some things that were against the rules for the Tour De France. Why now? Sources close to Lance say he has a 10 year plan.

According to the Daily Mail, Armstrong said that former President Bill Clinton was a ‘hero of mine’ and that he wanted to copy him and become ‘president of the world’. President Clinton's cheating was made public and everyone excused him within 7-10 years. Armstrong thinks it will take the public just as long to pardon him and he will be back on top competing again.

He also denied being a bully - he was only ever ‘defiant’ - and bragged about having his own ‘constituency’ as if he were already on the campaign trail. He still has not taken ownership of his behavior to his team mates or how he felt about deceiving his fans and followers.

What is the real reason? He thinks over time he will get away with it. My opinion, he has done many great things for people with cancer. That shouldn't excuse him from what he did. Take some ownership for your wrong doings and then maybe the public will forgive and forget.