I sort of hunker down during the Winter, but when Spring arrives, I get outdoors as much as possible. Because of my hours here at the radio station, I'm pretty limited as to when I can ride my ATV, or go fishing. A few years ago, I started riding and fishing at night, after work.

I remember the first time I went night fishing. If you've ever fished Lake nebagamon, you know there is no light at the landing. So here I was in the middle of the lake, and had no idea how to get back to the landing. My regular flashlight was useless, and since I was almost out of gas, I called Mrs. Rayman, asked her to jump in the SUV, go to the landing and leave her headlights on bright. Turns out I was on the wrong side of the lake, but I did make it to the landing thanks to her. Needless to say, she wasn't real happy with me, and I don't blame her.

With the season opener right around the corner, I stopped at Interstate All Battery Center in Superior a week or so ago, explained I was looking for a light that would shine a long distance. I wanted something handheld so I could use it both on my ATV and boat.

They showed me a couple choices, and I bought two. One for Mrs. Rayman to put in her vehicle (in case she gets stranded) and one I can use for night fishing and ATV riding. They were both on sale too, and that really made my day. This past weekend my son-in -law and I took a nite ride on the lake to try out the light. It rocks!! I wont get lost on the lake or in the woods again for sure. He liked it so much, I bought him one yesterday, and gave it to him this morning.