As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the family had a birthday party for my grandson Gus who just turned three last Saturday Of course the beer and wine flowed as it does at all family events, but because I drink very little my sister-in-law Maureen asked if I would like a cup of coffee. She said she could prepare it in less than two minutes, and showed me her Keurig Brewing System. I had heard of them before, but never saw one up close, so she patiently showed me how it works.

I'll admit, I was skeptical to say the least. When I lived on the East Coast, one of my good friends owned a Dunkin Donuts  franchise in the Boston area. He taught be a lot about coffee...and I honestly believe it's the best coffee made. (I once considered going to D.D. school to learn and eventually become a baker with them in one of their stores.)

Maureen asked me what kind of coffee I would like, and she showed me a K-cup with a donut on top. Yup, it was Dunkin Donuts coffee in this little K-cup. Now I was really skeptical. In less than two minutes I was holding a steaming cup of coffee. I was talking to someone at that moment, took a sip, and stopped in mid sentence. "Maureen" I yelled, this is the best coffee I've had in twenty years! I really couldn't believe it was that good. It made my day.

Later that evening, Mrs. Rayman and I were watching QVC, and they were offering them on sale. The cool thing was they described everything it could do in detail. I mentioned to Sue I would love one of them, and some Dunkin Donut K-cups. Yesterday Sue and Gus went shopping in Superior, and when I got home last night guess what was waiting for me? Yup, a Keurig complete with coffee.

I couldn't wait to get it up and running (which didn't take long,) and soon I was drinking my favorite coffee in the world. Sue likes tea, so we made a tea for her too. It's simple, quick, and tastes like a million bucks. You may want to consider one for your family. Great wife, great coffee, I love my Keurig, life is good.