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What Is Your Favorite Sports Movie, Depends On Who Is Watching
This blog all started from a discussion at Grizzley's in Canal Park. I was talking with a talble of nice ladies and they were discussing Bull Durham. Possibly one of the best sports movies ever made, they said. I asked them why. They liked Kevin Costner, they liked the romance between him and S…
Are Idols And Heroes Dead Or Are They Floating Among Us
As I was watching a hockey game the other night I was missing my hero Wayne Gretzky. He was always a gentleman, always a competitor, always an ambassador for the game. I felt for a while, that when he left hockey went to crap, and so did most other sports.
Gearing Up For Grandma’s Saturday Free At Essentia Health
I read on Facebook the people are starting to train for the half marathon and the full marathon. Some people have done this a million times some just starting this year and have questions. Carrie Tollefson, a 2004 Olympian, will host "Gearing Up For Grandma's" to answer questi…

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