Prince Runs Into Tax Trouble With IRS
I'm going to take what I'm sure is an  unpopular view on this story and defend Prince. Songwriters, musicians, actors etc. are just that. Their call in life is to perform and entertaine period. If you asked Prince (or any other major star) what his net worth is, or what he owes in taxes, he wouldn't…
Low Tax Rate, Refund For Obama
I thought that millionaires were supposed to pay more in taxes?  Barack Obama's tax returns are public information and inquiring eyes have noticed two things:  His effective tax rate is lower than the 30% he proposes and he's also getting a very large tax refund!
7 Red Flags For Government Audit
I'm busy finishing my taxes and looking for anything that will help me. I read that most people don't turn in their taxes till the last few days, so if you are like me and still working on them. Here's some tips.
Obama Taxes Christmas Trees
With a feeble economy that's threatening to derail the Christmas plans of many families across America comes this piece of news:  The Obama administration has imposed a 15-cent tax on Christmas trees.
According to the Obama administration this "board" is to run a '“program of promotion, res…
U.S. Taxpayers Get More Than They Pay For
With the tax deadline here and gone, a new study highlights the fact that U.S. taxpayers receive more from the government than they pay in.
For the first time since the Great Depression, households are receiving more income from the government than they are paying the government in taxes...
How To File an Extension For Your 2010 Taxes
Because of Emancipation Day, a little known Washington D.C. holiday that this year is being celebrated on April 15, US taxpayers had until April 18 to file their taxes.
For some people that still won't be enough time to get all their papers in order. If you find yourself in that boat, you can file fo…
5 Most Memorable Accountants From the Movies
Often a character in a movie will be made an accountant to indicate that they're . . . well . . . boring.
But being a movie, this boring accountant has to be put in an interesting situation or nobody is going to want to pay ten bucks to see it.
So, in fact, many celluloid accountants turn out to be in…
Five Forbidden Tax Deductions
One of the few joys of tax preparation is making deductions and watching your bill from Uncle Sam get lower and lower.
Here's a list of five expenses that might be tempting to deduct, but are strictly forbidden by the IRS.
30 Last Minute Tax Tips
Taxes are due April 18th, so many people are last minute filers....including me. Did you miss something that might save you money? There are so many tax laws that allow people to deduct more from their income that aren't published anywhere. Here are 30 last minute tips that might get you a bigg…

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