Is there no end to the rising cost of getting by?  Saint Louis County officials are tossing around the idea of adding two new taxes - one for resident drivers and the other for general purchases made by anyone in the county.  Both new taxes would benefit the roads and highways in Saint Louis County.


• A “wheelage” tax, with a fee, of perhaps $10 per vehicle, for road repairs that could raise between $1.5 and $1.8 million annually. This could be collected by the driver and vehicle services division of the state Department of Public Safety (DPS) at the time of a vehicle’s registration. Previously, only Twin Cities metro area counties could collect such a tax of $5. The legislature this past session broadened the number of counties that could collect that tax.


• A one-half of a percent county sales tax, which would be applied for roads also, that may generate between $8.5 to $11 million annually, if in effect for a full year. It could go into effect Jan. 1, if approved by the board.

Implementation of the new taxes hinges on approval by county elected officials.  The first of the bills is being introduced today by County Commissioner Steve Rauker.