Can You Exercise Too Much?
Some people need to exercise for health reasons, most people should in order to keep in shape so there aren't health risks later in life. Some people it becomes a drug and they exercise too much, but how much is too much?
How Much Exercise Do You Need to Burn Off Thanksgiving Dinner?
It's no secret that the heart and soul of Thanksgiving is food. While those amazing comfort foods of Thanksgiving are mighty tasty, they're also not the healthiest. With the massive amount of calories being eaten in just one sitting, how long would you have to exercise to burn off that mea…
Looking For An Fitness Program? Get A Dog
To me, it's kind of funny. I fall in to this category. I won't go out and get a gym pass or go for a walk on my own, but I will take the dog for a walk. Projecting myself into the dog.
Experts say studies show dog owners walk more, walk faster, and are more likely to enjoy an active lifest…
10 Exercise Machines To Avoid: What To Do In Their Place.
With everyone wanting to find the perfect thing for them this fall to keep in shape or maybe lose a few pounds, this will help. Most people attempt machines they have no business being on. First I should say you should have a trained professional help you if you are going to get a good work out with…

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