Those of you that exercise quite a few times a week will probably do well on this test. Folks like me, it is a wake up call. I have started to eat better and exercise more and I decided to take the test. Here's a hint, you need to know your resting pulse and your waist size in cm (if you know inches you can convert on the site).

What is a fitness age, exactly? According to some Norwegian Science University people, It means how well your body can function physically as opposed to how well it should be working for your age. The goal is to get a fitness age that's as close as possible to your actual age.

According to wikihow this is how to work out your fitness age:

Before starting a workout regimen, it is a good idea to establish the state of your general health, so that you can chart your progress. A common way that gyms test general health is to establish a "fitness age," determined by a series of tests, usually conducted by fitness experts. These tests include body measurements, heart rate, flexibility and strength and they show how strenuous physical activity is to you. As you grow older many activities become more strenuous on your body and you reach your maximum heart rate more quickly. Maximum heart rate is the highest number of beats per minute you can safely achieve during physical exercise. For example, a 40 year-old person who works out regularly may have a fitness age of a 25-year-old because they show little strain during the tests, whereas a 40-year-old who does not get any aerobic activity could have a fitness age of a 65-year-old, if the maximum heart rate is reached very quickly. Learn to judge your own fitness age by taking the tests that are required, inviting a friend to help record accurate results and recording them with an online calculator. This Calculator is a sobering test.