election 2012

Tonights Presidential Debate a “Must Win” for Romney
Tonight kicks off the first of three presidential debates. Tens of millions of voters are expected to watch, and political experts agree tonight's debate will be the most important ninety minutes of the entire presidential race.
Democratic strategists are saying "everything's at stake tonight f…
7-Eleven Tracks Presidential Election With Coffee Sales
Following a tradition they started in 2000, 7-Eleven stores are running their own unofficial presidential poll.  Customers that order their java from now until the election will be faced with a question and three choices;  The question is what cup they want their coffee in - a red Romney cup or a bl…
Obama Sues To Prevent Military Voting
In direct contrast to the Obama administrations usual fight to ease voting restrictions and barriers, a lawsuit has been filed to block a measure to extend early military voting for Ohio residents.
The action brought quick responses from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and as many as 15 military gr…

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