In direct contrast to the Obama administrations usual fight to ease voting restrictions and barriers, a lawsuit has been filed to block a measure to extend early military voting for Ohio residents.

The action brought quick responses from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and as many as 15 military groups.

DeWine told Fox News on Friday that he found the July 17 action by Obama campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party “quite shocking."

The tradition for allowing special circumstances for military personnel in voting dates back to the civil war, he said.

As the law stands now, Ohio-resident military members and their families who are overseas get an extension on the deadline to vote.  Right now they have the right to vote early right up until the Monday before election day;  Non-military voters have to get their ballots in by the Friday before the election.

The Obama lawsuit said that the latter part of the Ohio law is “arbitrary” with “no discernible rational basis” — and that all voters should be able to vote on those days. The campaign seeks a court order invalidating the statutes.

Obama and his advisers have been critical of so-called "I.D. Laws" which require a voting person to show some form of picture identification prior to casting their ballot.  The President has said that this is a restrictive practice.