Rodriguez @ Antone's

Over my lifetime as I traveled through America, I've seen hundreds of talented musicians who never got the break they were searching for. You can see them on most any street corner in any major city, even right here in the Northland. Therefor, it's heartwarming to see a movie about a man who was a virtual unknown here in the U.S.,become as Rolling Stone magazine put it, a "certified superstar." That movie is "Searching For Sugar Man."

After recording two albums "Cold Fact" and "Coming From Reality," (which both flopped) he basically gave up music and turned to construction in order to raise his kids .In short he vanished totally from the music scene, almost as though he had dropped off the face of the earth. Two men tried to track him down, eventually finding him living in Dearborn Michigan. Some thirty years after he recorded them, he's told his albums are selling like crazy in South Africa of all places. He is also told he is still more popular than Elvis in that part of the world.

Pushing seventy, he was persuaded to perform in South Africa. Portions of those concerts are shown in the movie, and the tour was a succesfull beyond everybody's wildest dreams. He has gone from a day laborer to millionaire in a few short years.

Whether you enjoy music movies or are simply in the mood for an uplifting true story, "Searching For Sugar Man" fills the bill and then some.