What Rayman Was Like Behind The Microphone
I've worked with Rayman for the last 8 years, and it's turning out to be difficult to see him go into retirement.  I'm happy for him, because he definitely deserves this next stage in life.  Still, I'm going to miss seeing him everyday at the studios.  Things won&a…
The Rayman Retires – Send Your Wishes
Everyone here at KOOL 101.7 is sad that Rayman has decided to start his retirement, we all knew this day would come, but that doesn't make it any easier. We are happy for him though, and wish him a happy and long retirement, do you want to send Rayman a special retirement message?
Rayman’s Shaggy Hair Wins Over Pony Tail
Over the past several days, listeners to Kool 101.7 were asked to vote on Rayman's hair styles. The Kool 101.7 Facebook page was also involved in the poll. The styles were shaggy, and pony tail, and voters chose the style they liked best.
Big Hair or Pony Tail? Rayman Says You be the Judge [POLL]
I love long hair, and have worn it long almost all my life (except when i shaved my head.) I usually just wash it and fluff it a little and I'm good for the day. One day my friend Jeanne from Mix 108, put it in a pony tail, and I wore it that way for a few days...

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