Mayor Ness is encouraging Duluth residents to submit an application to be considered to serve on City of Duluth boards and commissions which currently, or in the near future, will have vacancies. The City of Duluth has approximately 30 boards and commissions, providing valuable input and leadership on topics that include disabilities, forestry, alcohol licensing, planning and zoning, and many others.

To view the entire list of boards and commissions, please check the city’s website here

To be considered to serve on any of the boards or commissions, an application needs to be filled out. Applications are kept on file for two years. For most of the boards and
commissions, Duluth residency is required. Applications are available on the city’s website, or by calling the City Clerk’s office at 730-5500. Applications need to be received by Friday, February 15, 2013, and sent to the City Clerk’s office, Room 330, 411 W. 1st St, Duluth, MN 55802.

Current openings are for the following boards and commissions:

Alcohol, Gambling and Tobacco Commission - 3 vacancies - 3 year term - Must be a citizen of the United States and a resident of the City of Duluth for at least 1 year immediately preceding his/her appointment. This commission investigates every license application to sell alcoholic beverages within the City and advises and aids the City Council in exercising its licensing duties under Minnesota charitable gambling laws.

American Indian Commission - 5 vacancies - 3 year term - To ensure that the views of the American Indian community are incorporated in the decision making, future planning, and stewardship of the city of Duluth.

Building Appeal Board - 2 vacancies (bldg trade union, bldg construction) - 3 year term - This board hears appeals from decisions by the Building Official interpretation of the State Building Code, the Duluth Housing code, and the handling of appeals pertaining to the Fire Chief's interpretation of the Fire Code.

Commission on Disabilities - 5 vacancies, 3 year term - This commission assesses the needs of disabled persons regarding matters such as employment, housing, transportation, accessibility and equal rights and advises the city of such assessments.

Community Development Committee - 1 vacancy, 3 year term - This committee provides advice to the Mayor and Council regarding project requests and the general needs of the city.

Parks Commission - 3 vacancies, 3 year term - The Parks Commission is an advisory commission to the Parks and Recreation Division, the Mayor, and to the City Council and in that role make recommendations on such issues as: the use of public land for recreation, facilities needs and uses. It also serves to act as a liaison for the Parks and Recreation Division and the community on all issues of recreation for all ages.

Tree Commission- 4 vacancies, 3 year term - This commission advises the City Forestry program, by recommending and advising the City on policies, budgetary concerns and technical, related issues having an effect on boulevard tree placement and replacement, management, maintenance and removal, reforestation, urban forest management and tree preserve.

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