Let me introduce you to Evergram, currently set to be released later this year. It's purpose is to allow you to record 15 second messages into a smartphone, camera, or computer webcam and then select the date for the message to be played. Currently in beta, it has thousands of satisfied users already, and idea like this is sure to grow.

Using an example of a wedding on July 19th., here's the process. Guests are invited to leave messages to be viewed by the couple on their wedding day. Evergram has a calendar which is programmed to send the couple the videos in an album, either public or private.

According to USA Today to accomplish the  same thing before Evergram came along, you'd need to call all your friends, they would need to find the video software, the files would be too large to send, and even if you did receive some sent files, you would have no way to put them in a beautiful album. Evergram does this all for you.

Whether it be Evergram or another start up company using the same basic philosophy, this is an idea whose time has come. With all types of  uses, wedding, birthdays, anniversary's, graduations, even recording something to your friends and family before the afterlife, the basic idea is here to stay.