kool staff

I'm not quite sure where the wild blueberries are in Minnesota, but it's time for pickin in Wisconsin for sure! It's a fact that wild blueberries have a more intense flavor than those found at your favorite supermarket, and when you do the picking, you'll save money as well, plus, it's fun!

If you're looking for a nice way to spend a day, take a drive around my neck of the woods. You'll find wild blueberry patches if you look hard enough, the rewards exceed the effort by a long shot.

After you've picked enough, and you're hungry, you may want to stop for a bite at some of my favorite places. Sharons in Lake Nebagamon or Twin Gables in Brule. If you like the old style diner, check out the Delta Diner in Delta. No need to order a piece of blueberry pie though, you'll have more than enough to make your own delicious pie when you arrive home!