The fast food industry knows it's demographic well - probably more than any other service sector.  That's why it should come as no surprise that their use of mass media marketing directly targets their audience.

A few years ago, Hardees and sister-company Carl Junior's took a blatant approach with a menu overhaul aimed at super-serving people who like big, over-sized burgers and sandwiches.  Although critics balked, the company pulled off the campaign successfully.

Now, some fast food giants like Jack In The Box and Taco Bell are getting flak for targeting addicts with a "cure for the late-night munchies".

Whether marketing to stoners crosses an ethical line or not, it certainly seems to be working. Taco Bell has seen its sales spike by 6 percent since launching its "late-night munchies" advertisements. The marketing has been so successful that at least one new upstart fast-food enterprise has decided to sell its line of frozen burritos directly to potheads. Drive-thrus of nearly every major fast-food chain now typically stay open past midnight, undoubtedly due to a steady profit margin.

What do you think?  Does this overt use of targeted marketing cross a line?


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