Burger King and McDonald's have been rivals for years..and the winner is..us. With games for the kids and a healthy meal to boot (not to mention the crown), it's 5 stars in my ratings book.

Burger King's creepy king may be dead, but his crown is about to challenge McDonald's clown and become the newest symbol of the growing kids meal melee.

Burger King plans to include a wearable cardboard crown in all it's new kid meals.

Today, Burger King will unveil plans to move its kids meals into boxes with wearable cardboard crowns and interactive games. The boxes also direct kids to a website where they can choose one charity — wildlife, environment or education — to which BK will donate one penny of the meal's proceeds.

The kids meals will be renamed BK Crown meals — including a breakfast version with oatmeal, apple slices and milk or juice. Oh, did we forget to mention that every kid who walks into BK — whether they order a meal or not — can ask for a freebie crown?