For years hospitals have been giving asthmatics (children and adults) Tylenol for pain relief. Now this. I understand the FDA is taking up the matter now, some thirty years after the fact. How about we get the FDA to scrutinize the drugs more closely before they grant their approval.

Parents should think twice before giving their kids Tylenol, says an Ohio pediatrician who cautions that the drug may put children at risk for asthma — or make a pre-existing condition worse.

A new report by Dr. John McBride, pediatrician and director of the Robert T. Stone Respiratory Center at Akron Children’s Hospital, warns that acetaminophen, the painkiller in Tylenol, has been linked in several studies to children with asthma.

McBride reviewed the available studies tying the breathing condition to the pain reliever and fever reducer in an article that will be published in the December issue of Pediatrics.

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