Over the weekend, I had a chance to watch "Brothers Keeper," the true story of the murder trial of Delbert ward, accused of the mercy killing of his brother. Directed by Joe Berlinger, and starring Delbert and Roscoe Ward, along with Lyman Ward and Connie Chung, it won the Audience Award at Sundance.

Brothers Keeper is the story of a man (Delbert Ward) who was wrongly accused of the mercy killing of his brother who was terribly  ill. Being under educated, and somewhat recluse, law enforcement seized the perfect opportunity to accuse someone who they felt could not defend himself.
This is a moving documentary that I'm looking forward to watching again and again. Some say it's a sad movie, I disagree. The only thing sad abut it is that this type of abuse can go on in America. Don't miss this one..you'll enjoy it.