Have you had a bad customer service issue in the past? I've been pretty darn lucky when I've needed to return an item here in the Northland over the past several years. Merchants here in the Duluth, Superior area "get it." I can't say the same for the larger companies however. My problem today is with Apple.I've never had a problem, or occasion to use customer service with Apple until February 1 of this year. My wife had purchased a mini ipad a couple of weeks prior. It worked perfectly until she went to charge it one evening. The charger wouldn't work. I tried it the next day,and had no luck either. She called Apple customer service, and after a 45 minute phone call, it was determined what we already knew, the power cord was defective. She was told to expect a new replacemnt within 24-48 hours.

It's now been nineteen days, and still no replacement. I've sent three different e-mails to customer service complete with item number, case number etc.etc., and not received one response.

Here's my concern. If there was a problem or a delay in shipment, I would expect a brief email explaining the situation. This is not the end of the world, don't get me wrong. It's just a common courtesy issue here. It's been determined people spend three to five times more for an apple product compared to a similar item from a competitor. With that in mind, one would expect courteous, prompt service of a defective item, especially if it's only three weeks old.

I'm wondering to myself, if some of the huge companies are really all that interested in one little bitty complaint like mine? I've heard through people in the industry, the larger companies will not act on defective items until a certain number of them are reported. I would ask them to put the customer back in customer service, and to remember, we bought their products in good faith. Shame on you Apple.