Everyone knows that you make a good food better by deep-frying it, right?  Just look at the plethora of options in the food row at county fairs.  Add one more menu item to the deep-frying trend:  pizza.

[A] restaurant dedicated to deep-fried pizza is set to open in New York City today.

Bar-goers in Manhattan's Lower East Side already have a carnival of late-night eating options, from Middle Eastern rotisserie shawarma sandwiches to mile-high pastrami-on-ryes and the regular old slice, but now they can add deep-fried pizza to the list.

The restaurant is also designed to capitalize on the late-night, after-hours bar crowd.

La Montanara by Forcella opens tonight at 5 p.m. with a menu that includes four 9-inch fried pizzas (Montanara, Salame Piccante, Funghi, and Marinara), two fried pizza sandwiches (Porchetta and Tartufo), and a small selection of fried appetizers. The pizzas cost between $6 and $8 and the pizza sandwiches cost $10 and $12, respectively.

So is it healthy?  Is it good?  Is it greasy-tasting?

By all accounts, deep-fried and then baked pizza is incredibly light. Chef Jamie Oliver compares the texture of fried pizza crust to the Indian fried lentil-flour chips known as papadam, which taste almost greaseless. Adriani attributes the lightness of his pizza fritta to the cooking technique in general and to the sunflower oil he uses.

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