Do you remember when people flipped out about secret messages encoded in backwards grooves on albums? Hell, do you even remember albums? It used to be easy to play a song backwards – just reverse the drive on your turntable and go. Artists have been hiding backwards messages for decades. Some claim it’s accidental, but some are just too perfect to be a “mistake.”

Here are some of the best, from scary Satanism to wacky jokes.

Prince – Darling Nikki

The Purple One is notorious for engaging in all kinds of audio trickery on his albums, so it’s not surprising that he’d throw a reverse message in one. “Darling Nikki” is one of his dirtiest tracks, full of lyrics about a young lady pleasuring herself with a magazine. So what was so nasty that he had to hide it backwards? “Hello, how are you? I am fine, because I know that the Lord is coming soon.” O…kay.