The current administration in Washington D.C. might be taking away your incandescent light bulbs, but alas - you can always count on a time capsule for your bulbs.  As the General Electric company gets ready to celebrate their 100th anniversary, they dug up a time capsule buried at one of their original buildings.

Artifacts in the time capsule, actually a lead box, included a photos of Nela's founders, journals, a book of technical specifications, and a Plain Dealer. Above the box in the interior of the cornerstone were five incandescent light bulbs. They had been packed in sand.

Yes. At least one of the five 40-watt bulbs worked.

From humble beginnings, GE has come to be a world-class business in the modern era.

Today's GE Lighting employs some 17,000 employees around the world, including more than 700 at Nela Park, where cutting-edge research continues.