With all the new technology in cleaning up oil spills, it seems that human hair has the best absorption.

The average person grows almost 400 inches of hair over a lifetime. People go to the barber or beauty salon and the hair gets swept up and thrown in the garbage, only to end up in a landfill.

Now there is an orgainization that collects the hair and uses it clean the water. Everyone knows when you don't wash your hair it can become quite greasy, well that is the premise behind Green Circle Salons. Green Circle has the hairstylists recycle the hair. First they sweep it up, then put it in a bag, and ship it off to the company. Green Circle Salons takes it and puts it in a "Hair Boom", which is a giant sock stuffed with hair. The boom is then put in the water and it absorbs the oil. There are over 1600 participating salons throughout America.


Because hair can absorb and hold an incredible amount of oil (anyone who's gone a week without shampooing can attest to this.). Green Circle sends out the booms to help sop up oil spills around the globe. Coo, right? There are over 1,600 participating salons throughout North America; to find one near you, go to greencirclesalons.com.

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