Many of us have older and less efficient appliances in our homes.  New appliances cost money and sometimes the older ones seem to work a bit better.  I personally feel that if it works well, don't replace it until it breaks.

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One household beast that seems to be the least replaced in a house is the refrigerator.  The reality is that an older and less efficient fridge might work really well but could cost you more in the long run.  You might even be able to save a decent chunk of change a year by upgrading to something more efficient.  Yeah, you'll have to spend money on a new one, but Minnesota Power wants to help you upgrade.

Often when you buy a new appliance, the company you're taking it to will take the old unit for free.  They certainly won't pay you, but Minnesota Power wants to, and not just for fridges, freezers too.

As part of their energy conservation program Minnesota Power offers refrigerator and freezer recycling, with a reward.  They are willing to pay you $50.00 to recycle a fridge or freezer with them and they will even pick it up.  This saves you the trouble of hauling it yourself and they will even come in your house to get it.  You don't even have to wrestle it out the door.

If you happen to have both a fridge and freezer you are replacing with more efficient units, they will take both and give you an additional $35.00 for the second appliance.  As another bonus at the time of pickup for those other items, they will take inefficient air conditioners and dehumidifiers for free too.

Using this service puts some coin in your pocket for the new appliance and also ensures that the old ones are getting recycled properly, which is better for the environment.

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