This idea is a good one, not only for Starbucks, but more so for the environment. I'd be more likely to visit Starbucks more often, simply because of the introduction today of the reusable cup. Starbucks is cool for a lot of reasons, but for me the big thing is they are always on the cutting edge, always looking for new and innovative ways to not only increase business, but also to make sure a visit to Starbucks is a pleasurable one. Heck, I think I'll go order a White Chocolate Mocha Grande right now.

The Seattle-based coffee giant will start selling the plastic cups, bearing its logo and resembling the paper version, at all its company-owned stores in the USA and Canada in a bid to get customers to kick their throwaway habit. According to USA Today, Starbucks will give a dime discount for each refill so the cup pays for itself after 10 uses.

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