A new school bus law in Wisconsin brings the state in line with the other 49 states in regards to safety lights.  All school buses built after 2005 are now required to use an 8-light signaling system to alert drivers on the road the intentions of the bus driver.  Since the 1970's, the other states in the nation started evolving to this light system that uses flashing amber lights to signal an anticipated stop.  The law that passed yesterday (August 16) makes Wisconsin the final state in the union to join the system.

In the past there has been some confusion in regards to bus signals in Wisconsin.  Before the new system, flashing red lights came on even before the bus came to a stop which confused many motorists as to what they needed to do;  there was a false-sense that until the red stop arm came out that they were okay to pass the bus.  With the new system, the flashing amber lights will come on in preparation and will change to red when the bus fully stops.

Drivers should also be aware that the fines for not stopping total a minimum fine of $326.50 and four points on his or her license.